The Postal Playhouse
105 1st St NE
PO Box 45
Le Mars, IA  51031
(712) 546-5788

Did you know...?

The Postal Playhouse contains a National Geodetic Survey Marker, which is exactly 1,231.26 feet above sea level? Did you also know that this mark is used as a reference point for LeMars street grading, per city code section 138.03? See this page to see the NGS datasheet, and this pdf file (page 17), to see the relevant city codes.

The Postal Playhouse was built in 1914.

The Postal Playhouse was originally the LeMars Post Office, before the post office moved to a location several blocks to the west on 1st St NW.

See Us at the Festival of Trees!

Richard Buman's picture
LCT Christmas Tree

We've decorated out tree at the Plymouth County Fairgrounds for the 2015 Pioneer Village Christmas Wonderland.  Come see our tree along with dozens more from other community groups. Also enjoy horse-drawn sleighs, music, food, Santa, and more.  The free event is held December 5, 6, 12, and 13 from 5:30 - 8:30.