The Postal Playhouse
105 1st St NE
PO Box 45
Le Mars, IA  51031
(712) 546-5788

Did you know...?

The Postal Playhouse contains a National Geodetic Survey Marker, which is exactly 1,231.26 feet above sea level? Did you also know that this mark is used as a reference point for LeMars street grading, per city code section 138.03? See this page to see the NGS datasheet, and this pdf file (page 17), to see the relevant city codes.

The Postal Playhouse was built in 1914.

The Postal Playhouse was originally the LeMars Post Office, before the post office moved to a location several blocks to the west on 1st St NW.

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Season 2016 Closes, 2017 Announced

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Wow! What a great season 2016 has been! Last night marked the final performance of the season. You'd think we would go into a resting period - but no way! We're off and running, preparing for the 2017 season. Those who came to see "It's a Wonderful Life" got a sneak peek at the next season, but here it is for for the world. It's going to be another spectacular year at LCT.



"It's A Wonderful Life" Reservations

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Members-only reservations for "It's a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play" open Monday, October 31. Members should check their email for the link on the morning of the 31st. General public reservations begin on November 2, at which point the members' email link will no longer work. Starting on the 2nd, members and non-members alike should use the "Get Seats Now" button at the at the top of our website.

Dixie Swim Club SOLD OUT

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"The Dixie Swim Club" has sold out! Crowds are loving the show, and it shows at the box office. If you missed out on getting your reservations, but would like us to notify you if there are any cancellations, call 712-546-5788 and ask to be put on our waiting list. We'll need your name, the performance you'd like to attend, the number of seats you'd like, and your phone number.


Thanks for all the support!

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We are saddened at the passing of our founding and current board member, Bonnie Dull. The Le Mars Community Theatre shines as part of Bonnie's legacy. We would not be the organization we are today were it not for her leadership over the years. Many may recall that Bonnie also served as the mayor of Le Mars. Bonnie, we stand in ovation to you at your final curtain call.