The Postal Playhouse
105 1st St NE
PO Box 45
Le Mars, IA  51031
(712) 546-5788

Did you know...?

The Postal Playhouse contains a National Geodetic Survey Marker, which is exactly 1,231.26 feet above sea level? Did you also know that this mark is used as a reference point for LeMars street grading, per city code section 138.03? See this page to see the NGS datasheet, and this pdf file (page 17), to see the relevant city codes.

The Postal Playhouse was built in 1914.

The Postal Playhouse was originally the LeMars Post Office, before the post office moved to a location several blocks to the west on 1st St NW.

Members-Only Reservations Open October 2 & 3

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Reservations for "Veronica's Room" open to the public on October 4th (the link to get seats will appear at the top of the page), but members can make their reservations two days earlier! Members, check your mail for the postcard, and your email on Monday, October 2nd for the reservations link. Didn't get one or the other? Call our box office at 712.546.5788 between 11 and 2, Monday through Friday, and we'll get you squared away. See you at the show!

Le Mars Area Betterment Foundation Receives Grant to Benefit LCT

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The Le Mars Area Betterment Foundation has received a $100,000 grant from the Gilchrist Foundation, earmarked for the benefit of the Le Mars Community Theatre. We are thrilled to be chosen for the grant, and will soon share how it will improve our facility. Please watch for updates here and on our Facebook page. Read and hear more about the grant on the KLEM website (scroll down the page - it's the 5th news story).

2 Across Reservations Open April 10

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So, how many people does it take to complete the Saturday crossword? The second production of our 2017 season, "2 Across," opens on April 21! Rehearsals are in full swing, and laughter is guaranteed.



Reservations for members begins on Monday, April 10. Members should watch their email for the early reservation link, or come to the box office weekdays 11 a.m. until 2 p.m., starting the 10th. Reservations for the general public open on Wednesday, April 12. For convenience, make reservations online using the link above (only visible during the reservation period).